Music scene today and an Anticipation of a Better Day Tommorow

Four years prior to today the staunch music freaks in our school including me would hurdle up in one corner of the classroom to ramble on endlessly about the latest tunes circulating and picking the chords of our ‘melodensitive faculty’.(Note: a self created  portmanteau word, which means an unique faculty of the brain, sensitive to stimulating melody;melodensitive is an amalgam of melody and sensitive)Our state of exalt revolving around the new artists  beside big bucks honchos of the music scene would last till the teacher would clear her throat….a tad higher than the usual soft Ahem! Gone are those days of soulful music…

So what’s new in the music scene??Of course 2013 is the year of Skrillex-meets-Elton John kind of music. Undoubtedly Mr.Elton John would never indulge in such senseless frivolities, but that was just an ironic outlook into what the music industry has turned to.

‘Dubstep’ lately defines Gnex music! (if shrieking on one’s top of the lungs and unceasing striking of a metallic drum  can be called MUSIC i.e).It is still bearable if Dubstep or electronic music is kept aside for a particular group of listeners and arranged independently  to be played at particular circumstances. But Electro pop??Seriously??We music lovers need a break here! Popular music till date created a fair quantum of soulful music until electronic and hi-tech music fused with it an deformed the initial melody into a musical Frankenstein, which is superficially music but actually or factually cacophony. Unfortunately a huge portion of our age-group are into E.M.P(Electronic meets Pop),this genre is in demand and naturally the popular artists have been purchased owing to market profit   R.I.P Mademoiselle Dione, Jean Marie Riachie, Houston (In Houston’s case the statement is literal; perhaps she anticipated the death of music and thus left just before the rot was about to begin) Richard Marx and the likes. Today is the day of mechanisation of music, industrial revolution in music in other words. Rule over Skrillex and followers, Infected Mushroom and their devotees while we backdated school of melodensitives  gradually depart until may be a Romantic Movement and revival of mellifluous natural music happens…


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